2008-04-28 | 8:44 | admin

Hammar has always put focus on and taken the operator’s safety into consideration when using sideloaders.

It is therefore the training of the driver/operator is always included in the commissioning of a new HAMMAR. The training gives the new operator a safe start and confidence to start using the new equipment.

All new designs include much concentration on, and investment in safety. On all HAMMAR one will find a number of details and components that shall prevent the operator to make mistakes, without complicating the actual operation. It is important to be able to rely even on a ten year old HAMMAR. To know that it is a robust piece of equipment, sustaining the rough handling it is mostly subjected to. The use of HAMMAR Original Parts is an important pre-requisite.

A new step to improve on the operator’s safety is that all HAMMAR are delivered with fluorescent yellow safety vests for the highest possible visibility during both day and night.